Tuesday, 15 May 2012


After having all that trouble in February with BT they have managed again to mess up my line.  Had no internet or telephone on thursday last week.  My husband telephoned them and was told that it would be fixed next tuesday before 5pm, when he queried about their policy of dealing with problems within three days he was told that they couldn't fix things over the weekend.  He then calculated that if you have a problem on monday or a tuesday that would enable you to get it repaired within three days, if you have any other day then you will have to wait five or six.    This has been the final straw with BT and their lack of interest in their customers and  providing absolutely rubbish service. 

On a brighter note I heard the telephone making a noise about 11pm and found that it was back on although the line sounds like someone is scratching something.  I assume that someone somewhere pulled out a plug or something and that have realised what they have done, or as we suspect the local box has not been replaced, we were told that it was full of water after the last episode, so we are assuming it has not been fixed and that was part or all of our problem.  So until we change from BT we are hoping it doesn't keep raining.

As the internet was down I decided to finally catch up on things around the house, this was disasterous as I ended up clearing out the small bedroom which we use as an office, there were boxes of all sorts of things, including my collectables which had been boxed up as we had no room for them and things being dumped in there which were on route to the loft as well as craft stuff all over the place.  It has taken me days to go through everything and putting the collectables on ebay in the hopes that some will sell and I will have more money for crafting.   I have also been trying to catch up on my housework after being ill the week before.  I have honestly  seen enough washing and ironing to last me the rest of the year.  On closer inspection I realised that every room in the house could do with a good spring clean and I am putting myself on a schedule of cleaning out cupboards and washing down walls etc ready to do some painting when the weather is better, in this weather the paint never seems to dry.

We could have filled about 40 water butts in the last few weeks - if I had the land I would be building my own reservoir.   So I hope all those water companies out there are catching all this rain. 
I am hoping to finally get some cards made over the next couple of days. 

Well I hope everyone is well and will be catching up on blogs today. 


  1. aw i really hope you are sorted soon shirley.its sounds a nightmare.

    xx coops xx

  2. Hope things go better for ya real soon! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog...take care, hugs!!:-))

  3. Hi shirley

    Hope things get sorted for you soon - we have our local telephone company here down our street at the moment installing fibre optic cables I'm just hoping that they don't mess everything up!

    Thanks for stopping by to see me and leaving me a lovely comment.

    Take care and Toodle Pip.

    Hazel xx

  4. Hope you get sorted soon Shirley,sounds a nightmare with BT....Enjoy the rest of the weekend...
    Mandy x